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Related post: Date: Wed, 2 Jun lolicon teen tgp 2010 15:49:43 -0700 (PDT) From: Jan None Subject: Rachel Took my Daughter (lesbian/adult youth, oral, anal, g/FF)Warning:This story is a work of fiction cyber lolit and contains descriptions of free porn bbs loli explicit sexual acts between a daughter and two women. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can ls magazine lolicon be downloaded for personal reading, pleasure, or sending to a little monica lolicon pics friend, but if you wish to re-post them on your own site, please contact the author for permission.Copyright 2010 Jan, All rights reservedPlease mail to janmay696yahoo.com if you have any suggestions for future stories. Rachel Took extrem lolicon nude loli model preteen my Daughter By Jan I grew up and still live near Finger Lakes, New York. It is a group of lakes shaped something like the scratches under loli pic of a giant bear claw, aligned on a north lolicon preteen south axis between young lolit galleries the cities of Rochester, Ithaca, lolit movies Buffalo and Syracuse. I would say that my story is not unlike a lot of women. I simply led an uneventful life until I entered junior college. russian loli girls nude That was where I met Rachel. We became lifelong friends. We experimented underground loli sites bbs with alcohol, drugs and lesbian sex while making some efforts to get passing grades. Shortly after graduation I bbs dark collection loli got a job. It had nothing to do with the studies I had in hard loli boy college, but it paid the rent. I met a guy at work that seemed to be just the kind of guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Rachel was my loli young model clips maid of honor. russian lolitta free Rachel petite lolicon stuck by me during lolicon sex picture the good preteen young loli fuck and bad times of the marriage. Sarah was the only thing my husband gave me that he didn't destroy in some lolias young porn way or teen loli gallery download other. When I had enough of his drinking, gambling and screwing around with every tramp in town or just passing through, I finally divorced loli teens kids him. Rachel, Sarah and I took up thai loli models residence lolitta fee porn movies together. As far as Sarah knew Rachel and I shared free lolitta pictures a bedroom for convenience, because loli lola preteen models as far as she knew we were like sisters. We managed to hide our relationship from Sarah as she grew up. Whenever she would teen models loli portal come to our bedroom seeking comfort when she was sick, we were able to hear her coming and stop making love before she would open the door. Our house was built in the twenties, so the floor dutch underage loli galleries does squeak when anyone walks down the hall. Now that illegal preteen porn lolite Sarah is a teenager things have changed. Rachel and I are in our forties. lolicon ftp Rachel is a tall redhead. She is 5' 10" child model loli with long red hair and brown eyes. She has an athletic figure with 38-C breasts and long legs. You could say she had a voluptuous figure. She is definitely not chubby, just nice and round. She is comfortable in delicate dresses or equally as comfortable in jeans working in the yard. Her since of humor loli girl forum makes her the life of the party, among our friends and neighbors. She was like an aunt to Sarah. Sarah is slender with dark brown shoulder length hair lolia porno and dark eyes. She is 5' 6" with a nice little butt and lolicon gallery archive her breasts are a smallish 32-B. Her skin lolipop girls is creamy and flawless that lolite teens sex makes her hair and eyes stand out. She prefers to wear skirts loli top hentai and shorts, more than jeans. free small lolitta She is very bright and does well in school. She lolite nude girls is very feminine, but does enjoy sports. She tends to be shy, but nude little loli lolicon and hard core can display plenty of confidence when she is comfortable and sure of her position. I have been told that I look like loli hentai stories Rachel Ray, the TV personality. I have brunette hair young loli pics that is the same length as loli underage bbs nude hers, brown eyes. I'm not sure, but I suspect that I'm 10-pounds heavier than little loli her. I even giggle loli hentai movie list like her when I laugh. Like most japan lolicon 3d mothers I am concerned perteen loli models about Sarah losing her virginity to some pimple faced boy and becoming pregnant before she has a toplist loli preteen pthc chance to lolicon free hard find a better life for herself. Rachel and I were talking about Sarah the other night while we were in bed. She admitted to me that she was sexually attracted to Sarah. I have to admit that as she told me what she would like to do to Sarah, it turned me smal loli on. I found myself having all kinds of lolicon pics chills as she told me what she wanted to do. I practically devoured her pussy while she was relating her fantasies. The more I thought about it the more I agreed that it would be a good idea to allow Rachel to seduce Sarah. Last night I preteens lolitta teensex entered the bathroom when lolicon porn movies I heard the tub draining in the bathroom. Sarah was drying her body as I entered. photos lolicon x She does look so lovely in the all together. I studied little loliza porno movie every real ukranian lolit part of her body before I spoke. "Sarah, would loli underwear you follow me to my bedroom?" Sarah said, "Just let me put my nightgown on, Mom." "That won't be necessary! Rachel and I want to talk to you." Sarah hung her towel loli child hot on the loli sex yo loli freepics towel bar and followed me down the hall to Rachel and my bedroom. rompl loli crazy Rachel was sitting up ebony loli bbs in bed in a very gossamer nightgown that did little to hide her voluptuous body. She patted the bed next to her, as she smiled at Sarah. Sarah crawled onto lolicon top100 the bed and took her place next to Rachel with their backs against the pillows placed against the headboard. She crossed her legs and drew her feet under loli young nudes her thighs and rested her hands on hentai lolicon cartoon incest her knees. "What free preteen lolits pic do you loli young board vids and Mom want to talk to me about?" I mounted the bed lolitta porns and took my place next to Sarah, as Rachel said, "Your mother and I think it is about time that we have a discussion with you about sex!" Sarah actually blushed, preteen tpg lolitta "I already know about that." lolitta kids Rachel placed her arm around Sarah's shoulders and drew her close as she whispered, "Do you know that women can enjoy sex without males?" russians little children lolitta Sarah looked into Rachel's eyes, "Are you talking about lesbianism?" Rachel said, "Precisely, my dear!" Sarah said, "I have heard tgp loli girls girls talking about that before." Rachel asked, "Have you ever tried it with any of your playmates before?" Sarah said, "Not really, I have touched the pussy of my best friend before to see password forum loli what hers felt like, is all." Rachel said, "It is about time that you find out what sex can be like between women." Sarah looked at japan loli bbs me as if to ask if it was alright. I placed my hand on her loli preteens bbs ls arm and told her, "Rachel and I think russian pedo loli it is time you learn all about sex from someone that loves you." I was stroking her arm lovingly. Rachel placed her free hand under Sarah's small breast loli gallery illegal and hefted free lolitta nude it gently. Sarah's body responded free nature photos lolit instantly. Her nipples grew visibly larger. Her areolas were pinkish little mounds on top loli models free of loli young free porn her breasts. Rachel molded her hand around Sarah's left breast and gently squeezed it as she kissed Sarah's mouth. Sarah opened her mouth either in shock or in an bondage lolite hentai effort to say something, only to have her mouth filled with Rachel's tongue. I let my hand slide down her arm and took hold of her hand. I held it comfortingly in my lap, while Rachel continued to kiss my daughter. Rachel slowly started moving Sarah's body down the bed after repositioning lolicon imgboard her legs. When Sarah was lying on her back Rachel hovered over her body like a Hollywood vampire about to suck the life's blood out of her. She continued kissing her on the mouth so tenderly. I could almost feel her kiss myself. Sarah was moaning into Rachel's mouth as she surrendered her body to the best lolit bbs feeling that Rachel was inspiring 12yo lolity in her physical being. Rachel eventually moved her head down Sarah's neck to replace her hand on the breast with her lips. tgp loli board While she sucked on the nipple she traced Sarah's ribs with her fingertips. Her fingernail left little red loli muvies marks as they outlined her ribcage. When she reached Sarah's waist she drew her fingertips across the body until teene loli pussy small she underage loli strippers reached Sarah's navel. Sarah was trembling with anticipation. loli galleries sex Rachel ran her fingers down the middle lolite free galleries of Sarah's lower belly on their way to that newly grown patch of pubic hair. There is something so sweet about the virgin fuck lolitta way nature blesses a young girl with that little triangle of dark hair to announce that she has reached puberty. Rachel rubbed Sarah's vulva with the palm of her hand. Sarah was moaning. I was enjoying the sight of my lover sucking on my daughter's breast while she was starting to stick her finger into my girl's loli hentai angel pussy. Sarah started bucking around wildly. Just when Sarah was starting to calm down Rachel moved down the bed. Rachel japanese loli girl spread Sarah's legs so that she could take up residence between her nude teen loli legs. She took her time playing with Sarah's pussy. She combed my daughter's pubic hair with her fingernails. She eventually blew warm air onto her small pussy before she started licking her pussy. Sarah had never had anyone licking her pussy like that before. Before long she was slapping the ears of Rachel with her thighs. Watching Sarah's eyes glaze over I placed a hand on her right tit and kissed her on the mouth. Sarah was unbelievable. She must have had 3 or 4 orgasms before she passed loli games out. When she woke chaste cunt lolii up there was a long discussion about my relationship with Rachel and what our future relationship would be.I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you have a story you would lolicon defloration like told, please send your mail to janmay696yahoo.com
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